PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift is a safe, FDA Approved, non-surgical lift procedure that involves inserting naturally dissolving sutures or “threads” into the face and other areas of the body to tighten sagging skin. Performed in the office under local anesthetic, PDO is a fast, relatively painless procedure with no downtime.

Not only is this procedure nonsurgical, it is also an instant facelift! The injected sutures produce an inflammatory response that is pinpointed to create new collagen. The controlled injury will encourage the body’s own natural healing process which allows for longer lasting results. By generating more of your own collagen you are enabling your skin to remain lifted long after the threads have dissolved. Therefore, you can experience longer more cutting-edge results with the PDO Thread Lift.

The PDO Thread Lift will not only perk your features, it will also fill facial hollows and deep-set areas. Inserted by a physician using a painless needle, PDO threads are strategically placed into the area that needs to be lifted, such as the jaw line or brow. Once the threads are situated, new collagen begins to develop, resulting in the skin remaining tighter and more youthful looking for months to come.

Smooth PDO Threads | Twist PDO Threads | Barb PDO Threads

Smooth PDO Threads are ideal for facial collagen stimulation and production, which over the long term will tighten and lift frown lines, crow’s feet, cheeks and lines and folds around the nose and mouth.

Twist PDO Threads are a twisted pair of threads that work to accelerate stimulation of collagen and are ideal for lifting the lips and areas around the mouth.

Barb PDO Threads look like barb wire and attach themselves to the muscle ligaments, which be used to treat deeper facial lines and wrinkles. These PDO Barbs are perfect for minimally invasive body treatments that are designed to lift and tighten the legs, abdomen and buttocks.