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Comprehensive PRP Treatments in Hollywood & Los Angeles

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, therapies are increasingly popular treatments that use the growth factors and stem cells present in your own blood to boost collagen production. This can accelerate healing, stimulate hair growth, and even improve a host of skin conditions. At Volure, we offer multiple PRP therapies in Beverly Hills for clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area to help you look and feel your best. 

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate aging skin or address a thinning patch of hair, our team is here to help. Each treatment begins with a complimentary consultation, so we can walk you through your options and let you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses the healing properties of a patient's own blood to stimulate tissue regeneration and repair. The process involves several key steps:

  1. Blood Collection: A small amount of the patient's blood is drawn, typically from the arm, similar to a standard blood test.
  2. Centrifugation: The drawn blood is then placed in a centrifuge, a machine that spins at high speeds. This separates the blood into its components, with the platelets concentrated in the plasma.
  3. Isolation of PRP: The concentrated platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood, creating a solution rich in growth factors and healing properties.
  4. Activation (Optional): In some cases, the PRP may be activated using substances like calcium chloride to enhance its therapeutic effects.
  5. Application: The PRP is then applied or injected directly into the targeted area, such as joints, skin, or scalp, depending on the purpose of the therapy.
  6. Stimulation of Healing: The growth factors in the PRP stimulate cellular repair, collagen production, and tissue regeneration at the site of application.

PRP therapy is employed in various medical and aesthetic treatments, including orthopedics, dermatology, and hair restoration, leveraging the body's natural healing processes to promote recovery and rejuvenation.  

Benefits of PRP Therapies

  • Tissue Regeneration: PRP stimulates natural healing processes, promoting tissue regeneration and repair.
  • Collagen Production: Enhances collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity and texture.
  • Reduced Inflammation: Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, minimizing swelling and discomfort.
  • Hair Restoration: PRP is used for hair loss treatment, promoting hair growth and thickness.
  • Joint Health: Aids in managing joint conditions by reducing inflammation and supporting tissue repair.
  • Accelerated Healing: Speeds up recovery post-surgery or injury, facilitating faster healing.
  • Minimally Invasive: Non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime.
  • Natural Approach: Utilizes the patient's own blood, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Versatility: Applicable in aesthetic, orthopedic, and dermatological treatments.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Provides long-term improvements in various applications.

PRP therapies harness the regenerative potential of the patient's blood, offering versatile and effective solutions in medical and aesthetic fields. Contact Volure MedSpa to learn more about our PRP therapies. 

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  • “Melissa is absolutely amazing and does all the body treatments at Volure! Her extensive health and fitness background is what makes her the best of the best!” DeRozan S.
  • “BEST Medspa in LA. I travel from Texas to go here.” Sara E.
  • “Melissa is a great technician who really knows her stuff and Volure is a really nice place to go with a friendly, welcoming team.” Simon M.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is an exciting therapeutic approach to hair restoration. It causes hair follicles to grow by stimulating cells in the targeted area—promoting healing, accelerating the rate and degree of tissue regeneration, and forming new cell growth. This allows inactive or newly implanted hair follicles to enter an active growth phase, leading to fuller hair in the treatment area. Anyone experiencing hair loss can be a good candidate for PRP treatments, with the best results being seen in patients at the early stages of hair loss.   

At Volure, we understand how sensitive your scalp is and want to make your treatments as pain-free and relaxing as possible. That is why we offer Pronox for those feeling anxious about their procedure. This add on is non-addictive, non-invasive, and takes effect in seconds to relieve pain and anxiety. 

PRP Skin Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills

As we age, collagen and elastin production slows, which can lead to wrinkles and a decrease in the fat pads that give your face its natural plumpness. If you are noticing a hollowness around your eyes, sagging cheeks, or an increase in the lines around your mouth or forehead, PRP skin rejuvenation can help. At Volure, we offer two innovative techniques designed to combat the signs of aging and deliver a natural-looking youthful appearance.

  • PRP Injectables: PRP injections are used to add volume to your face while improving your skin’s tone, tightness, and texture—working as a 100% natural substitute to dermal fillers. We utilize your body’s own growth factors to stimulate collagen production and support cellular regeneration and repair. If you are interested in further facial shaping, we can also blend your PRP injection with Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers for additional support. 
  • PRP Microneedling: Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation technique that uses thin needles to create invisible, micro-perforations in the skin. This controlled damage increases the production of collagen and elastin. To increase the effectiveness of this treatment, we apply your PRP into the small channels created by the perforations—allowing growth factors to penetrate your skin more deeply. 

For quality PRP therapies in Beverly Hills, call our specialists today at (310) 907-7794 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. 

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