Skin Rejuvenation


Morpheus8 is a deep fractional, radiofrequency treatment that delivers exceptional skin, tissue and collagen remodeling to improve skin appearance and reduce irregularities.

Equipped with Burst mode RF technology, Morpheus8 automatically deploys bipolar RF energy to multi-level treatment depths in a single cycle. The ability to target tissue sequentially at all three levels allows for a significant reduction in treatment times and minimizes skin injury.

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Forma Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Forma uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of the skin. This radio-frequency energy will stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin elasticity.

The treatment smoothes and tightens the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also reversing the effects of aging and sun damage. It is completely painless with absolutely no downtime! Forma can be used on both the face and body and in combination with most other laser treatments, facials, injectables and/or filler.

IPL Photofacial

Here at Volure MedSpa, we use a technology called Lumecca to perform our IPL Photofacials. Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions.

Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photofacial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment. This treatment can be performed on all areas of the body, with the most commonly treated areas being zones that are regularly exposed to the sun.

IPL Photofacials improve the appearance of: age spots (red/brown pigmentations), spider veins, rosacea (redness), freckles and sun damage. After just one use, patients notice significant improvement in the complexion and clarity of the skin.

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Rejuvapen Microneedling

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation technique. It uses tiny, disposable needles to create invisible, micro perforations into the skin which will increase production of collagen and elastin to repair these micro-perforations. Rejuvepan improves fine lines, acne scars, pore size, stretch marks and stimulates firmer younger skin.

At Volure Medspa, we also offer a microneedling treatment combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This skin rejuvenating procedure, commonly referred to as a Vampire Facial, creates microchannels in the skin that stimulates collagen and elastin production. Treatment consists of your own Platelet Rich Plasma, which enhances the results with naturally-occurring growth factors and stem cells. Microneedling with PRP delivers these beneficial growth factors and stem cells deep into the skin to further generate collagen, and in doing so, reduces pores, improves fine lines and tightens the skin with results lasting four to six months. In some cases, Microneedling can help with mild acne scarring. For severe acne scarring, Fractora Skin Resurfacing is a great option with incredible results (see below).

PRP Treatments

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP therapies are increasingly popular treatments that use growth factors and stem cells taken from your own blood to grow collagen, which accelerates joint healing, stimulates hair growth and improves a host of skin conditions such as stretch marks and acne scars.

PRP treatments can also be used for facial rejuvenation, either alone, or in conjunction with hyaluronic acid fillers, to improve the appearance of tear troughs under the eyes and plump stubborn lines and folds around the mouth and nose.

We offer PRP Microneedling, PRP injections for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation, and a blend of PRP with Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers to support cellular regeneration and repair. 


The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is a unique, multi-ingredient chemical treatment designed to reduce areas of skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Melanin is responsible for creating the skin tone, as well as splotchy areas of darker tissue. The Cosmelan Peel decreases the skin’s natural melanin production by inhibiting certain enzymes, causing the pigment producing cells to slow down their over-production and function in a more uniform way, providing you with an even complexion.

Cosmelan is a “Power-Level” skin rejuvenation treatment for particularly stubborn and dense pigmentation. Cosmelan’s synergistic ingredients work very quickly, resulting in a fast, effective blending and elimination of undesirable pigment on both the face and the body. Dull skin, dry areas, dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars can be significantly reduced with the peel.